Tri-peaks Solitaire games


2 Suit Spider Solitaire
Mystic Solitaire
Egypt Pyramid


Spider Solitaire Freecell Tri Peaks Pyramid Mahjong Solitaire
It is a very colorful and exciting kind of solitaire, in which you have to move all the cards from the playing field to the base card. The suit is not important; you just have to be able to add or to deprive one value point to the base card or from it. Although it would be nice to plan your moves in order not to come to a standstill.
“Three Towers”, “Tri Magic Towers”, “Three Treys”... Solitaire can be called and look like anything, the rules will not be affected by it.
Dig the pyramid of Egyptian Solitaire as fast as possible, until the game is up. Be careful! The construction is enchanted. Baker's Dozen hides the mystery.
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