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Spider Solitaire Freecell Tri Peaks Pyramid Mahjong Solitaire
Spider Solitaire has simple rules. But the more suits are used in the game, the more difficult it is. It is very difficult to win, playing 2 or 4 suits.
If you think that 2 Suit Spider Solitaire is too simple for the experienced gamer, try to play the game in just 10 minutes, never reversing the move.
Two full decks of poker cards are represented on a green cloth in the form of free online 4 Suit Spider Solitaire game. Only the most attentive players, “heavyweights” of logic and strategy, will manage to play the solitaire. Refresh your memory of the rules and make your mind take this weight!
Interesting puzzle game with a surprise, of course, only if you manage to solve it! Disassemble pyramidal mishmash by means of simple mathematical calculations. Each card has its numerical value, but the sum should always be equal to thirteen.
These are not simple cards but magic! They will disappear as the ghosts of ancient times, if you can harmonize the chaos in the triangular frames of Klondike Solitaire.
A real carpet is a cobweb of threads. They form a weave, predetermined by a scheme or a picture. Finished Carpet Solitaire should look like an arranged in value and suits cut of cards. It won`t be easy to achieve this!
Currently it is an extremely popular version of the solitaire game, where the cards are initially located in the form of a crescent. Two big decks of playing cards complicate the task, which is to collect all the cards of the central crescent stack on the Kings.
This unimaginable mixture of solitaire, golf and various bonuses will not leave anyone indifferent! Everything is there - risk, logic, luck. Try this wonderful game!
A fascinating and beloved solitaire again pleases the players, this time in a new design. Feel yourself in Paris next to the Eiffel Tower, collecting this solitaire!
This solitaire is a simple game, but every second is worth its weight in gold! That means the time that remains on the timer after the victory brings you one bonus point for every second. The rest of the rules of this solitaire are the same.
How many Chinese Mahjong Solitaires will you manage to solve in 20 minutes of playing time? This is a fascinating chain of puzzles that are solved by the same principle, but these puzzles are laid out in different shapes, so it is possible to set records. Save your results and compare them with your friends` ones.
You have to collect two decks of cards on the base cards strictly according to the suits from the surrounding cards. It is a difficult but interesting task. Do not hurry, think and remember where you move the cards and you will solve Chinese Solitaire!
Don`t be afraid. Scorpion Solitaire won`t bite you. This original game will cheer you up; you only have to understand where its “tail” is and find out the best way to grab it.
It is a series of Russian Solitaire games that are different in shape, but united by common rules. There is so little time for the game that it causes feverish excitement. But it only enhances the passion of Russians!
How can a solitaire, consisting of only two decks of cards, be so tricky? Playing it is like counting grains of sands in the Sahara desert. It is an occupation, which will require great patience. This solitaire is even called “Algerian Patience”.
You have to clear the playing field from the cards, having collected them in a stack. It is the same thing as to put the ball into the tiny hole on the golf course from a great distance. You have to cover the distance, to get out from awkward positions, and to comply with the time limit. And you will be proud of it!
Disassemble brick by brick the tower of Babel or build the figure from the Chinese Mahjong dominoes. The most successful buildings will be added to the library of the game together with the name of the author!
Two decks of cards should be moved out of ten game cells and the stock on the base Deuces. The difficulty lies in the fact that the cards are transferred one by one, and there is little space to maneuver!
Do you have 10 minutes to rest? Do you want to go to the Bahamas? No, we do not scoff. Bliss Solitaire is a simple cycle of exciting solitaires that can give the player a few minutes of tropical vacation among flowers, butterflies and sea waves.
Faster, faster! Gambling games are like Gold Rush, the time is limited, but the layout and the rules are quite simple. Spoon game scores Gold from the “Klondike” of your wit!
The game is based on the principle of Kerchief Solitaire, but there is no stock, all the cards are already on the field. You have to bring them to the base, using free cells sparingly.
It is a very colorful and exciting kind of solitaire, in which you have to move all the cards from the playing field to the base card. The suit is not important; you just have to be able to add or to deprive one value point to the base card or from it. Although it would be nice to plan your moves in order not to come to a standstill.
“Three Towers”, “Tri Magic Towers”, “Three Treys”... Solitaire can be called and look like anything, the rules will not be affected by it.
A deck of cards, full moon, Halloween, cemetery... Ghosts and vampires can appear any time. And they will! But you will control them with the help of Mystic Solitaire.
Dig the pyramid of Egyptian Solitaire as fast as possible, until the game is up. Be careful! The construction is enchanted. Baker's Dozen hides the mystery.
It is an unusual solitaire with the cards, on which Kings, Queens and Jacks are dressed in traditional costumes of the land of the rising sun. The sacred Mount Fuji is a background for Japanese Solitaire.
You will travel through the desert from oasis to oasis. Desert Solitaire will help you to brighten up the difficulties of the way and entertain you.
Everything changes on Halloween; evil spirits roam the streets searching for the shelter. If you build houses for them in the cemetery, they will not touch you. Halloween Solitaire online will help you to do it.

Solitaire Online!

A solitaire is a very old variety of card games. And not just the card games. Chinese Mahjong looks more like domino, but it is laid out and solved on the principle of paired cards. And Indian fortunetelling cards are rather a tool of a medium than fun for bored players, but in fact they are also a solitaire.

Solitaire Card GamesComputers that have become accessible for business and pleasure, don`t leave unnoticed such a wonderful form of recreation as solitaire online. Paper cards and wooden mahjong dominoes are rarely taken out of the holders. The users can access their favorite layouts from anywhere in the world. The most popular virtual solitaires are: Spider (one, two or four suit), Klondike, Classic Solitaire, Pyramid, Carpet and Mahjong. Everything else is just variations. Although there are exceptions, but they are a true rarity, which cannot be solved by any player.

Our website contains a significant collection of popular solitaires (Spider, Classic Solitaire, Klondike), as well as little-known solitaire games (Indian, Crescent, Mahjong), which can be played for free and without registration. You will see your old friends in a new form; the usual rules will have some additions or exclusions. You will get access to the arcade solitaires, bound in a long chain by the general principles of the game. You can download a few interesting novelties on your home or work computer. Or ask the cards to reveal the mystery of the near future, to give you some advice on essential problem. Some solitaire games on our website save the rating of the players. Compare your progress with the results of other people! Some solitaire games are so simple that they can be solved even by a child of five. By the way, it`s a useful exercise, developing memory and logic.

Play free online solitaire games on our website, it will give all the fans of card games a lot of positive emotions and rest and will help to focus before work. See a list of games, open them, study and win!

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